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7th July 2016

Investment opportunities in a sector where demand far exceeds supply

When property investment opportunities exist in a sector where demand far exceeds supply, it often presents an easy decision for investors. Cheshire-based Direct Airport Parking Investment believes this makes off-airport car park spaces at major UK airports a very attractive investment option for new investors and seasoned investors alike.
4th July 2016

Direct Airport Parking Investment: How we operate

Direct Airport Parking Investment, a UK based company that handles investment in off-airport car parking at major UK airports, chooses to operate according to the guidelines of the Financial Conduct Authority, even though they are not regulated by them, because this has benefits for our clients as well as being good for our business.
29th June 2016
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Post-Brexit ‘safe-haven’ investments include airport car parking

In the wake of last week’s Brexit referendum result and its dramatic and immediate effect on the strength of the British pound, savvy investors worldwide are seeking safer investment options. Much of the advice being given to those who monitor the markets with a view to investing is to consider gold, government bonds and other currencies – so-called traditional ‘safe-haven’ investments. Direct Airport Parking Investment, which deals in investments in car parking spaces at major UK airports, thinks that smart investors should also be paying close attention to the opportunity presented by this modern property-based investment.
27th June 2016

Brexit result makes it an ideal time to invest in the UK property market

Following the result of the UK European Union referendum the value of the Great British Pound dropped sharply, to a level not seen for the last three decades. While financial analysts are considering the wider implications of the results, Direct Airport Parking Investment’s view is that it’s good news for investors, in particular overseas investors, who have been considering the buy-to-let option of off-airport car parking.
22nd June 2016

Thriving London Gatwick airport remains an attractive option for shrewd airport car parking investors

As London Gatwick airport reports its busiest ever May, investing in off-airport car parks continues to be a smart option for shrewd private investors. Direct Airport Parking Investment, a master agent for leading UK off-airport car parking provider Park First, watched with interest as London Gatwick’s figures for May were announced. More than a quarter of a million passengers passed through this UK airport during the month. May figures take Gatwick’s moving annual total passenger numbers to 41,123,000 – a new world record for a single runway airport.
20th June 2016
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Growth of Glasgow Airport makes its off-airport car parks a solid property investment

As Glasgow Airport sets itself on course to exceed nine million passengers in 2016, the demand for car parking spaces for air travellers increases – and that’s great news for investors in off-airport car parking through Direct Airport Parking Investment. Figures announced in April revealed that Glasgow Airport has enjoyed its busiest ever start to a year in 2016. In April alone almost 722,000 passengers travelled through its doors, an increase of 8.5% on the same period in 2015. This represents the fifth consecutive year of growth, in a year when Glasgow Airport will celebrate its 50th anniversary.

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