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Key Messages

About Direct Airport Parking Investment

  • Direct Airport Parking Investment is the authorised and accredited Master Agent of Park First.
  • Direct Airport Parking Investment is licensed by Park First to market and sell its car parking spaces at major international airports across the UK as a commercial property investment.
  • The management team at Direct Airport Parking Investment collectively has over 35 years of industry experience in the investment and financial services sectors.
  • Direct Airport Parking Investment is the UK’s leading Authorised Agent for Park First.

About Park First

  • Park First, a privately owned UK company, is now the largest and fastest growing airport parking company in the UK, owning car parks close to some of the UK’s busiest and fastest growing passenger airports (including Glasgow and London Gatwick). Park First is constantly seeking opportunities to expand its portfolio of car parks at leading UK airports.
  • Park First is the only business in the UK making available individual long-stay car parking spaces for investment purposes to UK and international investors.
  • Park First’s car parks are all in well-established locations which have been in active use for a minimum of a decade. All benefit from high occupancy rates and year-on-year growth in customer demand. Hundreds of thousands of cars have used spaces in Park First owned and operated car parks, staying for an average of 7 days.
  • Park First has sold in excess of 17,000 individual long lease car park spaces to date, paid over £41 million in rental returns, created over £64 million in capital growth and now has a total portfolio value in excess of £300 million at its major airport sites across the UK.
  • Over £5 million has been spent on new technology including the latest ANPR systems, CCTV and other industry-leading technologies.
  • 10 airport parking companies have been acquired over the last 3 years, funded entirely through group company cash reserves. Despite this investment, Park First carries 0% debt or financing across the board.

How the Investment Works

  • Investors can purchase an individual or multiple long stay car parking space at their preferred airport location.
  • Investors can choose to have their spaces operated by one of Park First’s wholly-owned car park management companies. The key terms of the management company’s offer include:
        -Management agreements are available at all car parking sites and vary according to location.
        -Guaranteed income of 8% or 10% p.a. (depending on location) of your investment amount for the first two years paid annually in advance.
        -The guaranteed return for the first two years is paid to Investors net of all charges, including ground rent, service charges and management fees.
        -A management fee is charged to cover the costs of operating the car park and car parking service including security, insurance, upkeep and running of the sophisticated online pre-booking system, maintenance, staffing, and the cost of operating shuttle bus or valet services depending on location. This management fee is paid from rental income generated by each space and does not affect guaranteed returns in the first two years.
        -The management fee structure ensures that the management company is fully aligned with the investor and is incentivised to maximise rental income for each car parking space.
        -After expiry of the initial lease, investors can choose to remain with their Park First management company, earning projected returns of 10% in years 3 and 4, rising to 12% in years 5 & 6. Alternatively, they are free to switch to one of many other car park management companies offering this service.
        -Investors are under no obligation to use Park First’s management company. If they choose to employ a separate company they would not be entitled to the guaranteed returns on their investment for the first two years, and returns generated will be at their own risk.
        -Investors receive a Title Deed for their purchase, and their ownership is registered and can be verified with the Registers of Scotland or The Land Registry.

Our promise to you

  • -Direct Airport Parking Investment never cold calls investors.
  • -All investors are encouraged to take independent professional financial advice before deciding whether buying an airport car parking space is right for them.
  • -We will never ask investors to send money directly to us. Instead, all funds are handled via The Hetherington Partnership Solicitors, independent solicitors appointed on your behalf for the transaction or your own nominated solicitors.
  • -All spaces are sold “unencumbered” which means there is never any debt, such as a loan or mortgage, attached to the leases acquired by investors.
  • -Investors will be offered the opportunity to take a guided tour of the car park site prior to purchase.

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