Glasgow airport, one of Europe’s fastest growing airports

Glasgow Airport
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8th October 2015
glasgow airport
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21st October 2015

Glasgow airport, one of Europe’s fastest growing airports

Glasgow Airport

According to the European region of Airports Council International (ACI Europe), Glasgow Airport was one of fastest expanding airports in Europe in August. ACI Europe announced it in its latest traffic report last 7th October.

In the report Glasgow Airport was positioned in fourth place within the fastest growing airport category, with annual passenger traffic increasing by 12.2 per cent. In August, Glasgow Airport recorded growth for its 30th consecutive month, with a total of 878,515 travellers using the airport.
The other airports that reported the highest increases in passenger compared to the previous year were:
–  Gothenburg (+16%)
–  Budapest (+15%)
–  Porto (+14.3%)
–  Glasgow (+12.2%)
–  Stuttgart STR (+11%)
ACI Europe classifies airports according to the number of passengers and Glasgow Airport has fallen into group three: between 5 and 10 million.

For Glasgow Airport, last summer season has been the busiest in seven years with more than 3 million passengers travelling through the airport during June, July and August. Moreover, it has also registered double-digit percentage increase since November 2014, which represents its unstoppable growth.
Olivier Jankovec, Director General ACI EUROPE estated “Summer is ending and we can look back at some very good months for passenger traffic at Europe’s airports. Within the context of still sluggish economic recovery in the Eurozone and risk of contagion from the slowdown in China and other emerging markets, oil prices are likely to remain the decisive factor for air traffic in the coming months. In limiting potential price hikes, the scale of global oil oversupply certainly gives us some comfort when looking at the months ahead.”

This constant increase in passenger traffic is another reason why everyday more and more investors are interested in venturing into airport car park investments.

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