Gatwick Airport reports its busiest February

1st March 2016
glasgow airport
Glasgow registers its busiest February
22nd March 2016

Gatwick Airport reports its busiest February

london gatwick

London Gatwick Airport has registered its most crowded February in its history. During this month, 2.7m passengers have gone through its doors, which has meant an increase of 9% in comparison with the previous period. In addition, other good news is that this year there will be 20 new long distance flights operating from this airport to destinations over four continents. Some of these are Canada, the United States of America, Hong Kong, Cuba, Peru and Costa Rica.

According to Mr Wingate, from the London Infrastructure Summit, Gatwick Airport is one of the fastest growing airports in Europe as the number of passengers has increased by 6.5 million in the last four years (even more than both Stansted and Heathrow).

Stewart Wingate has stated: “Gatwick is now in the premier league of European airports that fly to more than 50 long haul destinations. Our long haul network can only increase as Gatwick grows and takes advantage of new aircraft that can fly further without the need to change at a hub. The launch of a new fleet of Gatwick Express trains today heralds the start of a similar revolution of the airport’s rail services.  New direct routes and tube-like frequency means passengers can have breakfast in Cambridge and be in San Francisco for dinner with a single change at Gatwick. With this growth and momentum behind us, it is more important than ever that Gatwick gets the green light so it can get on and start building a second runway.”
The Gatwick’s 20 new long haul routes will be:
•    New York, USA (British Airways)
•    Lima, Peru (British Airways)
•    San Jose, Costa Rica (British Airways)
•    Hong Kong, Hong Kong (Cathay Pacific)
•    Boston, USA (Norwegian)
•    Oakland, USA (Norwegian)
•    Toronto, Canada (West Jet)
•    Saint Johns, Canada (West Jet)
•    Vancouver, Canada (West Jet)
•    Calgary, Canada (West Jet)
•    Edmonton, Canada (West Jet)
•    Winnipeg, Canada (West Jet)
•    Toronto, Canada (Air Canada)
•    Orlanda, USA (Thomas Cook)
•    Cayo Coco, Cuba (Thomas Cook)
•    Liberia, Costa Rica (Thomson)
•    Varadero, Cuba (Thomson)
•    Columbo, Sri Lanka (Thomson)
•    Freetown, Sierra Leone (Fly Salone)
•    Lagos, Nigeria (Air Via)

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