Direct Airport Parking Investment: How we operate

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29th June 2016
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Direct Airport Parking Investment: How we operate


Direct Airport Parking Investment, a UK based company that handles investment in off-airport car parking at major UK airports, chooses to operate according to the guidelines of the Financial Conduct Authority, even though they are not regulated by them, because this has benefits for our clients as well as being good for our business.

Structured around a long-term commercial property lease, airport car parking investment does not as a consequence fall under the auspices of the Financial Conduct Authority. Direct Airport Parking Investment acknowledges the strong principles of FCA regulation and the benefits this brings to investors. The company has therefore chosen to adopt these principles in the way they run their business, operating as though they are FCA regulated. Direct Airport Parking Investment believes this sets them apart from other agents who deal in off-airport car parking investment.

Amanda Price, Investment Consultant at Direct Airport Parking Investment, said:

“The type of investment we deal with is does not fall within the scope of the FCA. However, we recognise the advantages of operating to the same standards as FCA regulated bodies and it is important to us that we take great care to protect our investors at every step of their investment with us.

“We choose to conduct our business as though we are a regulated body, and are keen for our investors and potential investors to recognise this. To them this means that they can be sure that we are operating within the law, and providing all the information available for them to make an informed decision about investing. This makes us very different to other agents. We strongly encourage all potential investors to seek independent advice, and we offer car park site visits, prior to making their final decision to purchase.”

Direct Airport Parking Investment employs a compliance officer whose role is to ensure that all potential investors have had every question answered throughout their enquiries about investing in off-airport car parking. All compliance calls are recorded and closely monitored to ensure the information being given to them is accurate and they have everything they need to make a well informed decision.

Direct Airport Parking Investment is proud to be the Master Agent for Park First, the UK’s leading provider of secure, quality off-airport car parking. Park First owns and manages car parks adjacent to London Luton, London Gatwick and Glasgow International airports, and is currently looking to expand its portfolio to include other growing UK airports.

Car parking spaces at these airports are available for investors to purchase from £20,000. They are a low risk, high yield UK commercial buy-to-let property investment. Investors in off-airport car parking through Direct Airport Parking Investment are assured of an 8% return in each of the first two years of their investment, with a predicted rise to 12% by year five.

Year three investors have already been paid returns of up to 10.8%, exceeding the predicted 10% and surpassing the returns being offered on more traditional safe-haven investments.

For more information about investing in off-airport car parking at major UK airports with Direct Airport Parking Investment Limited, visit or call +44 (0) 161 820 4956.

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