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Why Invest in Airport Parking

Potential Returns at a Glance

With the growth of air passenger travel worldwide, airport car parking is now at a premium. For many years, investors have enjoyed higher yields than traditional ‘buy-to-let’ investments, therefore investing in car parking spaces is now a well-established form of commercial property investment, and the capital required for entry makes airport parking an even more attractive proposition.

Airport parking is estimated to be worth $12.5 billion annually in gross rental income, and demand has been forecast to outstrip supply in many UK airports, of which many are already operating at almost full capacity on a daily basis. Airport parking investment is therefore a solid and lucrative opportunity, which is increasing in popularity among astute investors globally.

The evidence proves that airport car parking spaces are a solid commercial property investment capable of producing high income returns and long term strong capital growth due to the expansion of global air travel. Investments of this calibre are in short supply and very high demand.

An SAS report shows actual and predicted peak car parking demand for long and short stay car parks and confirms that much of the anticipated growth in long stay parking capacity will continue to be provided by third party off-airport operators.

Rental Income 1 Parking Space 2 Parking Spaces 3 Parking Spaces
Total Price £25,000 £50,000 £75,000
Years 1 & 2 Rental Income at 8% P.A £2,000 p.a £4,000 p.a £6,000 p.a
Years 3 & 4 Rental Income at 10% P.A £2,500 p.a £5,000 p.a £7,500 p.a
Years 5 & 6 Rental Income at 12% P.A £3,000 p.a £6,000 p.a £9,000 p.a
Projected Capital Growth (RICS Valuation) £12,500 £25,000 £37,500
Total Return (income + resale @ Yr6) £52,500.00 £105,000.00 £157,500.00
TOTAL RETURN 210% 210% 210%

Facts & Figures

Why is this a Proven and Viable Investment?

Customers using these parking spaces will typically book on line and most leave their bookings until the last minute. The process is very simple and straightforward and there are several on-line booking sites to choose from.

The following gives an example of how revenues are generated but are only a guide. As it is unrealistic to assume that all car parks have maximum capacity every day of the year, we will base our figures on last year´s occupancy which was 92%.

Looking at several sites, the average charge per space is around £49.99. Multiplying this by 52 (weeks) gives the maximum revenue per parking space per year - £2599.48.

92% of 52 weeks equates to 47.84 weeks. Multiplying these weeks by £49.99 gives an annual revenue of £2391.52.

Naturally, overheads and salaries have to be deducted but most importantly it shows that the fixed return of 8% per annum (£1,600) is totally viable and with existing car parks already operating at near full capacity, similar income payments for future years are not unrealistic, particularly as recent figures show a steady increase:

  • April showed an increase of 15.4% on the same period last year
  • May showed an increase of 13.3% on the same period last year
  • June – expected to be another record month

As airports become busier we feel that the 92% occupancy achieved last year will be maintained, if not beaten, year on year.

The individual car parking spaces are registered in your name as the owner at the Registers of Scotland, therefore you own it and it is yours. This is exactly the same as owning a house whereby you hold the Title Deed. The Registers of Scotland is exactly the same as the Land Registry in England and Wales except it deals with Scottish properties.

This is a tangible investment that clearly exists and we encourage clients to go and see for themselves. All six car parks have been operating at Glasgow Airport for between 5 and 15 years.

The latest news about investors in car park 1 confirms that the return on the investment has risen up to the 10.2% at the end of year two. If the investors decide to go ahead with the Airport Parking Investment they will continue receiving 10.2% for the following 2 years. At the end of year 4 the yield will be revised again and the return will be calculated according to the market situation.

Don't miss out! At the time of this article car parks 1 to 5 have already sold out and it won't be long before the recently launched final car park 6 sells out too. Once car park 6 is sold the investment at Glasgow will no longer be available.

If you are looking for a safe investment that pays good returns then the Direct Parking Investment is the one for you. With this product you know exactly where you stand and can easily predict what your rate of return will be.

We are ready to work with you to secure your parking space investment.

Parksafe long stay car park at Glasgow airport has experienced record activity in April 2014 resulting in the site being declared full a month earlier than normal, having to close its gates

Here is some feedback from a few investors who have already completed the process:

I really like the airport car parking investment due to its simplicity and it is only circumstances that have prevented me re-investing. I am looking to build my portfolio of income generating investments and this investment fits well into that aim. I think the face-to-face offered by Direct Airport Parking Investment, and the service offered by their staff, is excellent and I will definitely consider further investment with them and recommend them to friends and family.

Mrs. W, Wales

I originally invested in 3 airport parking spaces. I think this is a great investment and have since purchased 2 further spaces and am considering an additional one. Having a representative from the company come and visit us, is a great service which is very reassuring.

Mr. H, Humberside

I have purchased several airport car parking spaces as I am very comfortable with this investment and have recommended the opportunity to several friends and colleagues. I have nothing but praise for Direct Airport Parking Investment and the members of staff that I have dealt with. If they say they will do something for you, then they always do. I like that they offer face-to-face meetings and continue regular contact even after your purchase has been completed.

Mr. A, Leicestershire

Living not too far from them, I thought it a good opportunity to see their offices and was very pleased to learn they offer face-to-face meetings, which is a very reassuring service. The investment was explained very well and all our questions were answered satisfactory which gave us further reassurance to go ahead with the investment, which we are very pleased with. We will definitely consider doing further investments with Direct Airport Parking Investment.

Mr. A, Manchester

We decided to look at alternative investments due to the poor interest rates being offered from the High Street and found that airport parking is an attractive investment. After arranging a personal tour, I was very happy how everyone from the company had dealt with me and how professional they all were, including the tour at Gatwick. So much so that we are considering investing in another car park space at Gatwick.

Mrs. K, London

I am an investor and I definitely like the idea of the personal approach…They have people come down to visit your house personally and answer every question and every insecurity you may have for investing….I would definitely encourage people to invest in the company, absolutely…Direct Airport Parking Investment are the best!

Mirella Eade, West Sussex

My name is Burket Ali and I'm an investor of Direct Airport Parking Investment…I'm looking for investments that are safe, that are secure that are no hassle and airport car parking is the perfect investment. By my experience they are excellent people to deal with, fantastic customer service, pay on time I would recommend them to anyone.

Burket Ali, Leicestershire

I'm a property investor and developer… I've a lot of residential, commercial, industrial. I think the broader your portfolio the more secure the overall picture is. The parking is a new investment for me I've got a few spaces and I'm giving it a try. It's successful at the moment… They're giving the usual returns, in advance I might say and I'm looking forward to next years in advance. It's an ideal opportunity if you've got the odd £25,000 or £50,000 to spend on a guaranteed investment. I'm a property investor and of course if you're investing in major properties then 8 to 10% is not touchable.

Roy Cutt, Derbyshire

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